Monday, 14 May 2012

Queen's Park Book Festival 19th and 20th May

It's nearly Book Festival time folks!
Next weekend in Queen's Park, 19th and 20th May
So the organisers are frantically e-mailing, ordering in the authors' books, putting the finishing touches to the volunteer rota, testing the best gin for a crisis and generally checking that everything is ready..... while the Festival goers are browsing the beautifully put together programme, weighing up the merits of various author events, reading the latest Linda Grant or Kate Summerscale, and deciding whether to wear wellies or flipflops. You do know there's no overnight camping, by the way, not this year anyway....

What do you mean - you didn't know there was a local Book Festival? There's only

and a great article today in the Kilburn Times online

and another great article in the May edition of Grove magazine

and another great article in the May edition of Absolutely Notting Hill magazine

and a mention in Saturday's Guardian by Justin Cartwright about his event with John Lanchester When I'm back from the pub I'll tell you more... or if you can't wait go to the QPARA website Well I'm back from the pub now... I know it's the next day, but time has to be elastic at the moment. I've put in the Bookbugs timetable on the QPARA website. The authors are great - have a look at their websites which I've linked to.

Did I mention Robert Muchamore and Sophie McKenzie, both brilliant teen authors?
And Che Golden and Lil Chase, two more great teen authors. More soon... there are tents to put up, crayons to buy (for Marcia Williams' event), signs to fix, tweets to tweet

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